San Felasco Park
Interpretive Signs


A team from Karst Environmental Services designed interpretive signs for the new kiosk at Alachua County's San Felasco Park.

Click here to see them.


juniper springKarst Environmental Services, Inc.
is a hydrogeological consulting firm specializing in support services that provide scientific investigations of surface and subterranean hydrogeologic and biologic properties of karst terrains, including springs, sinkholes, rivers and associated ecosystems.

KES provides state-of-the-art groundwater supply exploration and development, springshed monitoring and management, dye tracer studies, radiolocation of submerged conduit, biological surveys and related scientific services.

dye releaseOf special interest to KES are natural springs and their waters. KES has been involved with numerous spring restoration and development efforts.

KES was founded in 1986 by Wes Skiles, who by that time had accumulated ten years of experience in mapping, studying and photographing underwater caves. As professionals from various agencies began to consult him for the special knowledge and insights he had accumulated while diving in these conduits, Wes realized that he was obtaining new information that shed a different light on the current perceptions and models of groundwater flow. He then assembled a staff of hydrogeologists, technicians and explorers that became Karst Environmental Services, Inc. in 1989. Tragically, Wes passed away in 2010 while filming underwater off the coast of Florida.

Project Manager Pete Butt, Biologist Tom Morris, Professional Geologist Art Hayes, and associated professionals continue to provided a unique list of services to clients who find themselves with very special needs and problems. KES teams have also undertaken original research involving dye-tracing and submerged discharge measurements of various conduit systems.

Wes Skiles' legacy of photography and films, including the Water's Journey series, can be obtained at the Karst Productions website.